Attune Your Energy Assets To

A Cleaner Grid

We Connect – You Monetise

Who we work with.


  • We seamlessly integrate our white-label solution into your platform to analyze your asset portfolio and determine the best markets for your assets.
  • We handle the bureaucracy of market participation and run energy market intelligence in our backend to automate grid service participation, offering your customers a simple way to earn money
  • We ensure efficient operation of assets, making sure they perform according to customer preferences while participating effectively in grid services.


  • Businesses can monetise their energy assets by reducing consumption during peak times, providing an additional revenue stream and offsetting energy costs.
  • Grid operators require a minimum volume of energy capacity to participate. We bundle your assets with others to ensure you can take part.
  • We handle the communication with grid operatrs to ensure you get paid for your smart usage.


National Grid and Distribution Companies have long term and short term services where they look for assets to provide grid balancing services

Local Flexability –
Distribution Network Operator (DNO)

Local flexibility markets enable households and businesses to adjust their electrcity generation or consumption in response to local grid constains. Intrested partiners have to declare in advance thier ability to particate in this service.

Capacity Market

Capacity market ensures a stable power supply by paying energy providers to maintain extra capacit. If you register your asset in the capacity market, you get paid to ensure it’s available to supply extra power during peak demand periods, contributing to grid stability.

Local Constaint Market

Rapid growth in renewable generation and lack of transmission capacity to move the power has created grid constraints in Scotland. Assets in Scotland can help by increasing consumption or reducing generation.

Frequency Services

Generators and Consumers adjust thier activity to help mantain grid frequecy of 50 HZ. Dynamic frequency response is a continuously provided service and non-dynamic response is a discrete service triggered at a defined frequency deviation.

Currrent Opportunities

Local Flexability (DNO) Services

We guarantee a minimum payment of £20 when your asset is registered with the DNO. Payments can be up to £500 depending on your asset size and DNO. In many cases, for an asset like an electric vehicle, you would not charge during peak times anyway, so you get paid for doing nothing.

  1. Tell us about your assets
  2. We will confirm registration with the DNO
  3. Do not use your energy assets during specifed times
  4. Get Paid